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Why Choose Us?


You wouldn't want a dentist to perform surgery on your eyes. Why choose inexperience when it comes to your taxes and financials…


Yang & Associate, Ltd. has been in business for over 20 years with combined experience of 35 plus years and excellent client service track record.  We are Member National Society of Accountants.


Reason our client choose us over our competitors because...

  • Superior services

  • Reliability

  • Dependability

  • Accountability

  • Knowledge and experience

  • Fair and friendly

Few Words About Us


Yang & Associates, Ltd. was founded by Mr. Allen Yang in 2000. We are a one stop shop professional tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll service.

Yang & Associates, Ltd. is headquartered in Western Wisconsin. Our service is second to none in the business. We provide services for filing Federal and State Income Tax (in all 50 States) at a fair and reasonable rate.  Yang & Associates, Ltd. is an Authorized E-file Provider.


  • Tax services

  • Accounting services

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Payroll services

  • IRS representation

  • Solve your tax issues

  • Financial calculators


We are the best in this business..........

Vision Statement:  To be the best in the business of tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services.


Mission Statement:  The mission of Yang & Associates, Ltd. is to provide top professional tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services to all taxpayers in a friendly and dignifies manner that committed to excellence on the business of tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll to meet the need of our clients with standard of excellence, integrity, and fairness to all.

Phone:      608-782-1120 Ext.2020

Fax:           608-782-1123

Totll Free:  800-698-1549

Allen Yang

Chairman & CEO

Allen Yang is the Founder and Co-owner of the Yang & Asscociates, Ltd.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Admintration from the University of Wisconsint-Stout with Accountancy Major.  He is currently attending the University of Wisconsin La Crosse for his Master Degree in Accounting and oversee the daily operation of the business.  His philosophy of life and business are Good Reputation, Workhard, Honest, Integrity, Committment and Responsility.   After a busy day he enjoy family time with kids, two boys Charlie, Ken and his daughter Chanda and two fishes named Mr. Clean and Mr. Killer.

Phone:      651-776-1040

Fax:           651-776-0118

Toll Free:   800-698-1549


Pao Wu

Office Manager


Pao Wu is the Office Manager for Yang & Associates, Ltd. in St Paul, Minnesota office location. Mr. Wu received her Bachelor of Science from the Viterbo University with Finance Major.  He is currently oversee operation in St Paul Minnesota offices location.  Beside his managerial duties with the business he is active with the community and volunteering for varies agencies.  On his free time he like to spend time with families and friends.

Phone:     651-776-1040

Fax:          651-776-0118

Toll Free:  800-698-1549

Kee Yang

Account Manager


Mr. Kee Yang is currently a CPA student at the University of Minnesota.  Mr. Yang have been with the business for over two years.  He is the Accounts and Office Manager for the St. Paul office location.  Mr. Yang enjoy working with people and resolving tax issue.

Phone:     608-782-1120 Ext. 2024

Fax:          608-782-1123

Toll Free:  800-698-1549

Blia Xiong

Account Manager


Mrs. Xiong is the Accounts and Office Manager for the Appleton office location.  She have been with the firm over two years.  On her free time she like spent time with her husband and two grand kids.

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