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We like to have you in our office but for any reasons you cannot be there.  We want to give you an estimate of how much your tax fee would be based on the tax form.  The type of Tax Form a business will be use are determined by the federal when the organization applied for their EIN. 

The type of Tax Form an individual will be use are determined by Dependency, Interest, IRA contribution, Form 1099-Misc, Form 1098 Mortgage Interest…


Forms (Individual)                                                                          Fees

1040 with Schedule A                                                                      $  80.00

1040 with Schedule C, E, F                                                             $120.00
(add $20.00 for each additional Schedule C, E, F)


Forms (Business)                                                                          Fees

1120S (S-Corporation)                                                                    $  450.00

1120   (C-Corporation)                                                                    $  650.00

1065   (Partnership)                                                                        $  450.00

1041   (Estate)                                                                                $  350.00

990     (Non-Profit)                                                                          $1200.00


Yang & Associates, Ltd. services fees are subject to the nature of the business, complexity, simplicity and time involvement.


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